Friday Sale: 25% Off Grand Theft Auto V For PC

| 27 Mar 2015 21:23
Friday edition of Big Deals on the Internet

So many delays, but at least you can get $15 off, right?

Here's a nice Friday special edition of our weekly "Big Deals" post.

Grand Theft Auto V will finally grace PC screens a little over two weeks from now on April 14th. If the standard $59.99 retail price seems a bit stiff for a game that's a year and a half old on consoles, there's a way to make it cheaper. This weekend only, we have a special 25% off code for GTA V at digital game retailer GMG.

Just head to GMG here, make sure you enter voucher code 25DEAL-ZONTVA-GEXCLU during checkout, and you'll be golden. If you receive an "unable to add voucher" error, itfs most likely because you've neglected to enter in a mailing address in your account profile.

The 25% off voucher code is exclusive to Grand Theft Auto V and will only work on that game. Having said that, it does work worldwide, cutting the price to '30 in the UK and 45? elsewhere in Europe. The code expires on Monday, March 30th at 8AM Pacific.

In addition to the discount this weekend, you'll also get the $1.5 million in-game cash bonus. Here's the quick breakdown:

  • You get $500,000 towards the GTA V game
  • $700,000 for GTA Online mode
  • $300,000 additional for GTA Online -- if you pre-order by March 31st.

GMG will also send out keys ahead of time when the game becomes available for pre-loadc though take note: this is a Rockstar Social Game Club key which will be required to play GTA V on the PC. The game will take up 65GB in hard drive space and regardless of compression should be a fairly large download.

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