Typing of The Dead Adds Free Custom Dictionaries DLC

| 29 Mar 2015 04:42
Typing of the Dead Overkill

You can now finally shoot zombies in the face by typing whatever words or phrases take your fancy.

One of the most-requested features of Sega's happy surprise: The Typing of The Dead: Overkill, has been custom dictionaries. Ever since the game proved that DLC dictionaries were possible with it's Shakespeare language pack, fans have been asking for the ability to be able to kill zombies by typing whatever words they please.

Now, it looks like they'll get their wish, as Sega has announced the free Custom Dictionaries DLC for the game.

"So if you've been feeling like your word based ammunition has been running a little dry with the current dictionaries, then rejoice as your full zombie blasting keyboard fury can be re-stocked and unleashed upon the unsuspecting zombie masses thanks to the limitless word potential that comes along with the introduction of Custom Dictionary support via this new, free, Steamworks tool!" posted Sega in an official blog post.

The Steam Workshop page for the game has already been flooded with fan-made custom dictionaries, include a dictionary that consists entirely of Nicolas Cage quotes, as well as some educational dictionaries designed to teach typing.

My personal favorite, however, is a not-so-subtle jab at the games industry's over-reliance on the dreaded quicktime event, replacing every single word with the letter X. It literally makes the game, "press X to not die".

So what are you waiting for! You can download the tool via your Steam library, by clicking on the "tools" tab.

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