New Splatoon Video Shows Ranked Mode, Local 1v1 Mode, Amiibos

| 10 Apr 2015 20:59

Splatoon will feature a full ranked mode, so hardcore gamers can climb the multiplayer ladder.

Nintendo's upcoming ink-centric "paintball shooter" Splatoon, like the majority of Nintendo's title, has a very casual-friendly feel to it. It's an online multiplayer shooter designed for people who don't usually play online multiplayer shooters. However, that doesn't mean it will have some additional features for the more hardcore inclined Nintendo gamers. Today, Nintendo has released a new video of the title, showing off its ranked mode, alongside some other new features.

Ranked mode functions essentially the same as the casual "Turf Wars" mode, in that both teams are trying to "paint" as much of the map as possible. However, it does have a few extra rules that can be activated, such as "Splat Zones" - in which rather than fight for control of the whole level, players fight for a specific zone within that level.

The next feature shown was the "Battle Dojo". While Splatoon is primarily a 4v4 online multiplayer title, it does actually have a local multiplayer mode. In Battle Dojo, one player plays on the gamepad against another player playing on the TV screen, in a 1v1 battle mode.

Lastly, Nintendo gave a bit more information on this game's amiibo functionality. The game will feature three amiibos: an Inkling boy, an Inkling girl and an Inkling squid, sold together in a single package. The amiibos will unlock special singleplayer missions, which when completed, will give you some cool cosmetic weapons and gears to equip on your multiplayer character.

The Splatoon amiibos will launch on May 29 alongside the game.

Source: Nintendo

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