Vote Now in the March Mayhem Final Round

| 12 Apr 2015 11:50

March Mayhem 2015 3x3

We've made it to the final round of March Mayhem.

32 teams entered. Only 2 survive.

You've narrowed it down to two competitors: Bioware and Telltale Games. In the last month, you've eliminated thirty-two developers, some of them independent and some of them AAA, and major developers have fallen at the hands of some less than major creators. We've entered the final stretch and it is finally time to crown the winner. One developer is leaving this competition a champion and YOU get to pick who exactly wins it all.

March Mayhem is our annual event in which The Escapist pits game developers head to head in bracket-style matchups. You get to vote on which developer you think performed better in 2014, and the winner goes on to face another opponent in the next round. Who will win this year's Developers' Showdown? Only you can decide!

Voting is open for the epic final showdown right now! Head over to the official bracket page to cast your votes. You must be a member of The Escapist, so if you haven't signed up for your free account yet, register here or Login with Facebook, then click the link above.

If you're unsure about a developer or their games, feel free to do some research. And, as always, you can hash it out in the forums dedicated to March Mayhem 2015.

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