D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die Coming To PC

| 29 Apr 2015 12:30

Xbox One exclusive adventure will no longer be exclusive.

D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die, an episodic adventure game released as an Xbox One exclusive last year, has been confirmed to be exclusive no longer. The game's director, Hidetaka Suehiro (aka SWERY), has stated the title will release on PC in an interview with Famitsu. Further statements have raised the possibility that the game, once thought to be abandoned, might even continue.

Originally built to utilize the Kinect camera system, the PC version of D4 has adapted its mechanics to be mouse-based. It will contain all three episodes currently available in the Xbox One release. SWERY also stated that DLC content from the Xbox One release is being integrated into the new edition, taking the form of side quest rewards instead of add-on purchases.

That Access Games had a version of D4 playable on PC first became known during GDC 2015, demonstrating an experimental build during a presentation by SWERY, "Designing for Empathy with Sensory Replication in D4, 65 Methods That Could Be Implemented Tomorrow." SWERY answered an audience question asking then if the game would come to PC, to which SWERY replied, "with the feedback of people, we would possibly consider it." The build was then made playable to attendees of the PAX East show the following weekend.

No publisher has been announced for the PC release, but those details are likely forthcoming soon. SWERY stated that Access Games will be showing the game at Tokyo Indie Festival May 8-10, and that a publisher announcement may come at that time. The game itself may not be too far off, for that matter. SWERY says that team has been working to reach a bug-checking phase of development by May.

Could this mean that even more D4 could follow? SWERY confirmed that Access Games does own the intellectual property and could develop additional episodes. In a conversation with Polygon, the designer wouldn't confirm anything, but encouraged fans to, "please get excited."

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