Starchy Star Wars: I Am Bread Just Added Space Battles

| 4 May 2015 14:05

I Am Bread celebrates May 4th in the best possible way - building spaceships from bread for starch-filled Star Wars combat.

The internet is currently celebrating Star Wars in honor of May 4th, sometimes with its tongue placed firmly in cheek. For proof look no further than I Am Bread, a video game where players guide bread slices on epic journeys to becoming toast. Now developer Boss Studios' "epic" term is displayed in massive widescreen letters with "Starch Wars" - a new update where bread slices take part in spaceship combat.

Completely breaking with I Am Bread's gameplay, Starch Wars drops players into a heated space battle in ships made of bread. The default A-Wing fighter is a regular slice of bread, the Rebel transport ship is a baguette, and the TIE Fighters appear to be assembled from breakfast cereal. (Presumably making them more durable than actual TIE Fighters.) A trailer introducing the update shows the player defending the Rebel transport from attackers, dodging asteroids, and eventually taking on the Star Destroyer - in this case an enormous, space-bound ironing board.

The update is currently live, and can be played free of charge by clicking the "Starch Wars" magnet after completing the kitchen. It's a ridiculous concept, but a fun-looking one that perfectly matches Boss Studios' past work. What's more the space combat looks surprisingly solid, letting you bob and weave to dodge enemy attacks.

Now to just wait patiently for the breaded lightsaber battles.

Souce: Polygon

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