Mad Max: Fury Road Vehicles Crafted In LEGO

| 25 May 2015 16:10
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Build forever in Valhalla!

If it looks cool and can be recreated out of LEGO bricks, it's probably only a matter of time until that recreation exists. Few things look cooler right now than the vehicular monstrosities of Mad Max: Fury Road, so feast your eyes on these models based on the War Rig, Immortan Joe's Gigahorse, and that most metal of all conveyances, the Doof Wagon.

The creator of the models, "Lego Will," built the vehicles based on set photos and production assets and hasn't even been able to see Fury Road yet, as it releases in his home country of Japan this June. The War Rig, according to Will (who named it "Princess" in his gallery), took nearly three months to build, with the hardest part determining how many spikes would be necessary.

While the Gigahorse might look a little strange with its Ghostbusters logo and license plate revealing the origin of its parts, it turns out to be an accurate source of material. Immortan Joe's sweet ride is constructed from the stacked bodies of two 1959 Cadillacs, the same car as was used for Ecto-1.

These three models bear the closest resemblance to the notable vehicles of Fury Road, but Will's love of Mad Max goes much further than that. Their Flickr account features a whole series of wasteland-inspired creations crafted from LEGO parts, including Max's own Interceptor.

Source: Flickr

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