Street Fighter V Gets Playable Demo Next Month

| 26 May 2015 21:16

Street Fighter V will be playable by fans for the first time at this year's CEO (Community Effort Orlando) tournament.

Street Fighter fans in Orlando are in for a big tread this year. For the upcoming annual CEO (Community Effort Orlando) fighting game tournament, Capcom has announced that the recently revealed Street Fighter V will be playable for the first time.

The tournament will be held in Orlando from June 26-28. Spectator passes go for $40, and both spectators and competitors alike will be able to get their hands on Street Fighter V. Check out the video above, or CEO's official website for more details about the event.

Seems like an odd place to debut such a hotly anticipated game (my bets would have been on something like EVO), but i supposed CEO is the most major fighting game tournament being held over the next few months, and Capcom decided that they had something they were ready to show fans.

Street Fighter V will be skipping the Xbox One and 360, and will only be available on PS4 and PC (and we're assuming Japanese arcades as well). No official release date for the title has been revealed as of yet.

Source: Destructoid

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