D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die PC Demo Now Available

| 30 May 2015 12:45
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Test drive this episodic adventure from the creator of Deadly Premonition.

Access Games has released a demo of the upcoming PC port of D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die. The demo can be downloaded from the game's official website or through the digital storefront of its new publisher, Playism.

The demo features two sequences, one taken from the game's opening which provides story exposition and an example of the game's investigative exploration play. The second sequence, set later in the story, is more action-oriented and focuses almost entirely on a single fight aboard a commercial airliner.

D4 was originally developed as an Xbox One exclusive and designed with gesture-based controls specifically for use with the Kinect camera system. The PC version replaces the Kinect functionality with mouse-based controls, while also increasing the game's framerate to 60fps and fixing some bugs. Content originally sold as DLC in the Xbox One version is being integrated into the PC release, though there will be additional DLC on offer for the new version as well. Add-ons will include costume packs, a mini soundtrack, a copy of the game's voice-over script, and a digital art book.

On Xbox One, D4 has been downloaded more than 1.3 million times, though much of that number is probably due to its inclusion in a "Free Games with Gold" promotion in January. The game arrived in the Xbox Marketplace with very little promotion or fanfare, and it seemed likely that the episodic adventure would conclude with its initial season (which, of course, ends on a cliffhanger). With the introduction of the PC release and its new publisher, lead designer Hidetaka Suehiro has suggested he is now working on season 2.

The PC version of D4: Dark Dreams Won't Die will release June 5 on Steam or at the Playism store.

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