Don't Starve Together Given Away For Free To All Don't Starve Owners

| 4 Jun 2015 01:25
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If you purchased Don't Starve on or before June 3, you'll be gifted a copy of its stand-alone multiplayer expansion: Don't Starve Together.

Here's a nice gesture of developer goodwill. Back in May, Don't Starve dev Klei Entertainment announced that all owners of the game would receive a free copy of its stand-alone multiplayer expansion: Don't Starve Together on June 3. Now, June 3 has come along and if you owned Don't Starve, you should soon notice your free copy of Don't Starve Together appearing in your Steam library.

"Today, we welcome 2 million new players into the Don't Starve Together community. Thank you once again to everyone who supported us on this journey. For everyone who purchased Don't Starve, to everyone who jumped into the Frontier Pack, to everyone who told their friends about our little game -- thank you," wrote the dev in a blog post.

While this grand gesture will definitely get a lot more players into the game, the developer stated that this doesn't mean that Don't Starve Together's early access is over. "We are not out of Early-Access yet. There are a few reasons for this, mainly because we decided to add many more features to the game such as the addition of Reign of Giants DLC content and additional new features specifically made for multiplayer."

Note that this was a one-time bonus only - any future purchases of Don't Starve will not contain a free copy of Don't Starve Together. Going forward, Don't Starve will continue to be sold at $14.99, Don't Starve Together will be $14.99, and include an extra giftable copy of the game, and a package containing Don't Starve + Don't Starve Together + a giftable copy of Don't Starve Together will set you back $19.99.

Source: Steam

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