Capcom To Keep Milking Mega Man With Legacy Collection

| 8 Jun 2015 13:10

Six NES installments collected again with a new gameplay mode.

Capcom is once again going back to the Mega Man well, reissuing titles in the series on modern platforms with additional content. Bound for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS, Mega Man Legacy Collection will feature the original six games released for the NES, presented in an upscaled resolution.

In addition to the complete games, a "Challenge Mode" will be included. The new mode will feature remixed stage segments taken from the games with specific objectives to complete, which Capcom promises will provide a fresh challenge for veterans and newcomers alike. Rounding out the package is a "Museum Mode," where players can examine a collection of high-resolution art and learn more about the history of the franchise.

The Legacy Collection will mark the first appearance of Mega Man on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, while all six games have been previously made available on 3DS individually as Virtual Console titles.

The collection is planned to release this summer for PC and home consoles. The Nintendo 3DS launch is scheduled for winter.

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