Gamer Spends Six Years Crocheting Super Mario Bros 3 Blanket

| 23 Jun 2015 11:00

Norwegian gamer Kjetil Nordin has spent six years and 800 hours transforming a screenshot from Super Mario Bros 3 into a crocheted, blanket masterpiece.

For most people, blankets are a casual sort of thing. Outside of questions of comfort and cost, you probably don't even think about yours all that much. For some however, the business of blankets is a serious one that involves time, investment and a metric butt-ton of yarn.

Take Norwegian gamer Kjetil Nordin, for instance. A computer programmer during the day, he recently wrapped up an epic crochet project aimed at recreating the first map screen from Super Mario Bros 3. Using a screenshot taken from the SNES Super Mario All-Stars version of the game, Nordin spent a whopping 800 hours spread out over six years transforming it into a blanket measuring 2.2 meters long and 1.8 meters wide. Hoping to be as accurate as possible he likewise spent "many hours" researching yarn to find colors that more closely matched the game. At one point he even disassembled a portion of the blanket because the map's water looked wrong. "[The yarn] was almost purple, and very ugly," he said. "I had to undo all of it. That took an extra week."

Adding to the amazing factor, this isn't only thing Nordin's accomplished in the past six years. During the same time he was making this blanket he also earned two degrees, started a new career and won two Norwegian Sky Diving championships. Nordin isn't sure what he wants to crochet next, but we can only imagine it will take twelve years, during which time he'll also unlock the secrets of faster than light travel and foster world peace while flying a jetpack.

Source: Daily Dot

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