Space Battles! Explosions! Mutiny! Defect Hits Kickstarter

| 25 Jun 2015 13:43

Build custom space warships in Defect and then take them down after their crews turn against you.

On the long list of universal nerd dreams, captaining your own starship is one of the one's that probably ranks highest. After all, who wouldn't want to take the stars, exploring the galaxy and overcoming danger? The thing that these fantasies usually leave out, of course, is the part where your crew, tired of you red-shirting them in the name of your own personal glory, mutinies and takes the ship for itself. Hoping to explore that idea a bit further the fine folks at Three Phase Interactive have recently launched a Kickstarter for their space game Defect.

Following the adventures of the galaxy's most unlucky starship captain, Defect tasks players with building powerful warships from components that they can then use to complete challenging missions. The catch is that at the end of each mission, the crew of your ship will mutiny, forcing you to face down and destroy your own creation in the next level. The developer's hope is to create a unique cycle where players have to consider not just the objective at hand but the future difficulties they might make for themselves if they build a ship that's too powerful to beat when it inevitably switches sides.

To make Defect, Three Phase is currently asking for a total of $31,088. If they can reach this, they should have enough funds to create a finished product that includes a single player campaign, a challenge mode where players will be able to pilot their ships in a more free-form sandbox environment where you'll even be able to fight the ship creations of your fellow gamers. If the Kickstarter campaign exceeds that initial goal, the team will be able to add extra ship components, themed components and more. The studio's current target is to finish the game by May 2016, after which it will receive a full release for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

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