Leaving Megalopolis Sequel Takes Murdering Superheroes To Dark Horse

| 21 Sep 2015 18:45
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Leaving Megalopolis creators Gail Simone and Jim Calafiore are reuniting for a sequel - Surviving Megalopolis - at Dark Horse Comics.

Leaving Megalopolis was an absolute joy to read, a violent comic about rampaging superheroes that stood above its grim-and-gritty contemporaries. Now I'm happy to report Gail Simone and Jim Calafiore are reuniting for the anticipated sequel. Arriving in 2016 from Dark Horse Comics, the Surviving Megalopolis mini-series brings the survivors from the first story into something unexpected - a rescue mission.

Surviving Megalopolis is set in a dark superhero universe where Earth's champions turned into monstrous psychopaths. After escaping Megalopolis in the first volume, a group of ordinary survivors are asked to return and help someone left behind. "We have a multi-billionare who was trapped in Megalopolis and his wife hires a team of incredibly well-trained mercs to find out where he is and to get him out," Simone told Comic Book Resources. "They don't really know the area, so they need guides and they hire some of the survivors from the first book to go along with them and find her husband."

According to Simone, Surviving Megalopolis' rescue mission is only one plot the mini-series will address. Mina will be struggling with her inability to save other survivors during the first book. Most importantly, Surviving Megalopolis will provide some answers to what the creature was that drove everyone mad.

"We're going to find out what came out of the hole, which caused the superheroes to turn bad," Simone said. "We're going to find out where all the super villains are. I don't want to reveal too much about who may or may not be redeemed or if there's any redemption or anything, but one thing about this book is there is hope sprouting among all the horrible things that are going on."

Surviving Megalopolis' main antagonist is Southern Belle, a former hero and "absolutely God-awful human being" first introduced in a supplement chapter for the original book. Preview art shows her leading a team of superpowered beings - including some who were thought dead - following the climatic battle last volume. Surviving Megalopolis will also introduce Crimson Shadow, a Batman-esque hero whose current allegiance is unknown.

Most other details are being kept under wraps, but thankfully we don't have to wait very long - Surviving Megalopolis' first issue arrives in January 2016.

Source: CBR

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