Konami Apologizes for Metal Gear Online Issues With Free Stuff

| 14 Oct 2015 12:17
metal gear online

Konami offers apology, free stuff over Metal Gear Online issues.

The launch of Metal Gear Online was plagued by connectivity issues - namely the inability to connect as well as loss of connectivity - among other errors.

In a post today, Konami apologized for the issues, writing "We hereby apologize sincerely for the connection, as well as matching stability issues recurring since the MGO service started, that may have caused inconveniences."

Although Konami states that the service is currently stable, the company has compensated players with in game perks "for the inconveniences," including 3000GP to all players and a promotional code for the duration of the already existing XP Boost has been extended from two weeks to three weeks. Players who have already activated the code will automatically receive the additional week, and the 3000GP reflected automatically after yesterday's scheduled maintenence.

"We will continue to improve so that your experience is more pleasant. We appreciate your continued use of Metal Gear Online."

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