Scientists Name New Breed of "Muscle Worm" After Henry Rollins

| 24 Nov 2015 17:16
henry rollins

A cause for celebration, no doubt, but I'm sure he would've preferred if it was a slug.

Though he's listed as an "American musician, writer, journalist, publisher, actor, television and radio host, spoken word artist, comedian, and activist" on his Wikipedia page, Henry Rollins is mainly known for two things: The influential punk band Black Flag...and having muscles.

Yes, despite nearing 55 years of age, Rollins is still one of the more fit frontmen you'll come across, even if he has left his hardcore punk roots behind. Scientists at the University of Bristol seem to agree (or are simply just huge Black Flag fans), as they recently named a newly-discovered species of extinct fireworm after the current 10 Things You Don't Know About host.

Rollinschaeta myoplena, its being called, and it's "the first fossil ever to be identified by its musculature," according to

A "marine relative of earthworms and leeches," the Rollinschaeta is a very rare breed of Cretaceous polychaete annelid, in that it is rarely found in fossilized form due to the fact that it is entirely soft-bodied (a term that would likely earn you a black eye were you to refer to Rollins as it).

"Fossil muscle tissue is rare and usually not described in any detail by palaeontologists," said discoverer/Bristol PhD student Luke Parry, "but our discovery highlights that soft tissues preserved in fossils can offer details approaching what we can observe in living organisms. When choosing a name for our muscly beast, we decided to honour Henry Rollins, the legendary, muscular frontman of LA punk band Black Flag."

fossil fireworm

While we're naming prehistoric life forms after the physical traits of celebrities, I propose that we officially change the name of whatever this is to the "Tom Selleck's Mustache."


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