Peter Dille Talks PSP and UMD

| 20 Jul 2006 20:57

In a UPI interview, senior vice present of marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment America answers hard questions about the flagship handheld device, including the marketing plans of Nintendo's DS.

United Press International's technology correspondent Michelle Alexandria "caught up with Peter grill him about the future of Sony's portable multimedia device the Playstation Portable (PSP)."

The highlight of the interview is when Alexandria asks Dille "How about your deal to make PSP downloadable content available in places retail and fast-food chains?"

This plan is remarkably similar to one explicitly outlined by Reggie Fils-Aime at the DICE Summit in February.

"We haven't announced any deals along these lines," Dille responds, making a good save by continuing, "But with the type and amount of downloadable content available for the PSP growing exponentially every day, our goal is to offer this content in as many places as possible."

"We already offer this content on the official PSP Web site, and we're looking at various initiatives to offer downloadable content in new and exciting areas. We'll have more to announce on these efforts in the future."

Full interview, found here.

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