UK Clothing Line Launches Possibly Cheeky Campaign

| 21 Jul 2006 23:51

The Joystick Junkies label announces "six hotly tipped gorgeous girl gamers" to spearhead the British streetwear brand's Spring-Summer 2007 campaign.

Launched in 2001, Joystick Junkies describes itself as "one of the UK's most vibrant streetwear labels," and takes inspiration from the iconic video games of the 1980's.

The company stresses it didn't set out to create another girl gaming clan or booth babe bonanza. Instead, the aim was to "establish a group of credible models-come-gamers who could help take video games and the Joystick Junkies fashion brand in to new and unusual places."

The criterion for these models-come-gamers, "chosen from over 300 applicants because of their love for video games, their modeling potential or experience and their star quality."

The Joystick Junkies girls are now launching a big challenge for the lads. They're looking for "two hot guys who reckon they're game enough to work with them at their events, parties and photoshoots, helping to promote Joystick Junkies Spring-Summer 2007 range.

The final group of six girls and three guys will be fronting the Joystick Junkies Spring-Summer 2007 campaign which will include fashion shoots, jetting around the world to run cool gaming events & parties, hosting TV shows, touring fashion stores and hanging out at celebrity parties.

The girls, found here.

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