Resistance For the PS3 Currently 22 Gigabytes

| 22 Aug 2006 13:20

In a preview for MTV, Insomniac Games claimed that their PS3 exclusive Resistance is already 22 gigabytes.

While detailing Resistance: Fall of Man, an exclusive FPS title for the PS3, Ryan Schneider claimed that the game is already 22 gigbytes in size. "We're going to fit more on a Blu-Ray disc than you could on an HD DVD," he said, referring to the format which can only hold 15 gigabytes. The Xbox 360 uses regular DVDs, which hold seven gigbytes.

The preview also mentioned their plans for multiplayer, claiming that it will support 40-player online matches at launch, 60 levels of player progression while playing online and two-player offline co-op.

Resistance: Fall of Man is currently set to be a PS3 launch title on November 17th.

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