Saints Row Patch To Include Graphic Options

| 18 Sep 2006 10:40

In the upcoming Saints Row patch for the Xbox 360, Volition has promised a graphical upgrade and the ability for users enable a feature at the risk of poor performance.

Volition has updated the official Saints Row patch thread with news that new features will be enabled to improve graphics. Among them, 4xAA (anti-aliasing) will be increased over the current 2xAA for users with 480i and 480p standard televisions. There will also be an option to enable v-sync (a setting that prevents screen distortions when moving or turning quickly) for just cutscenes or the entire game. Like PC games, enabling v-sync does impact the overall performance and Volition will be warning customers of the risk.

As previously reported, the patch will also focus on multiplayer lag issues, widescreen formatting and the "clothes stealing" exploit.

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