EA Claims 50 Percent of Revenue Generated Outside North America

| 19 Sep 2006 12:23

Speaking at the Nordic Game Convention, EA Montreal VP Alain Tascan claimed that over half the publisher's revenue will be from outside North America this year.

"This year, more than 50 per cent of our revenue is coming from outside North America," said Tascan. "Exporting to 'outside' is very, very important, and a big part of your business."

Tascan believes that Scandinavia will become a hot spot for game development in the future. "We're very actively looking for partners in Scandinavia," he said. "We believe the quality of the entertainment here is incredible." Tuscon went on to suggest San Francisco, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Montreal, Orlando, the UK, Bangalore, Seoul, Tokyo and Shanghai will also become larger centers for game development in the next decade.

Tuscon describes supportive government as a key part of creating a developer-friendly environment in a given city. "And when I say totally supportive, the government of Quebec gives us 40 per cent of all salaries," said Tascan. "If we give someone 100, they give us back 40."


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