Microsoft Clarifies Lack of Too Human At X06

| 29 Sep 2006 16:09

After a lukewarm reception at E3, Too Human was absent from the recent X06 event. Microsoft responds to delay allegations.

After enjoying the spotlight as a primary Xbox 360 game at E3, Too Human was conspicuously absent from X06 this week. Recently rumored to suffer setbacks with the Unreal 3 engine, the absence of Silicon Knights' game did not go unnoticed. Microsoft released a statement to The Escapist today to clarify the development status of the game. "Microsoft Game Studios is committed to dedicating the time and resources necessary to ensure that Too Human meets our own astonishingly high expectations and has only the highest production values from start to finish," said a Microsoft representative. "While it has been prematurely reported that the game was planned for a 2006 release, this was never confirmed by Microsoft Game Studios."

Why was Too Human absent from X06? Microsoft claims it is a development decision. "Both Microsoft and Silicon Knights felt that the time would be better spent focusing on development to ensure that we meet critical milestones. We look forward to delivering an incredible, cinematic action trilogy, with the first installment, Too Human shipping in 2007."

It is unclear in what part of 2007 we will see the first game of the planned trilogy.

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