March PS3 Launch 'On Track' And Backward Compatability Issues

| 13 Nov 2006 10:25

After reports that a March PS3 launch in Europe was not a guarantee, Sony has reconfirmed that they are still on schedule. In other news, backward compatibility issues have surfaced in Japan.

In a Phil Harrison interview in the Uk Official PlayStation Magazine, the Sony executive refused to guarantee a March launch for the PS3 in Europe. Sony communications boss Nick Sharples has since confirmed with GamesIndustry that the console is still "very much on track for a March launch in Europe".

Now that the PS3 has launched in Japan, backward compatibility issues have come to light. Games such as GT4, Tekken 5, Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams, Devil May Cry and Silent Hill 2 have frame rate problems, sound bugs and crashes. Sony Japan has a site that details which games have issues, the list is expected to shrink as Sony updates the PS3 firmware.

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