Nintendo Already Working on Redesigned Wii

| 14 Nov 2006 09:05

Nintendo teams with Sonic Solutions to produce a DVD-ready Wii for 2007.

Sonic Solutions, a California digital media company, declared a partnership with Nintendo for producing software to make a future version of the Wii DVD-playable right out of the box. Sonic's CinePlayer CE DVD Navigator software will be part of a new package planned to be released in the latter half of 2007. In October, Edge magazine leaked that Nintendo was planning the new, enhanced Wii for 2007, and the latest statements from Sonic Solutions solidify Nintendo's commitment to the idea.

Jim Taylor, Senior Vice President of Sonic's Advanced Technology Group, stated: "To be involved in Nintendo's ground-breaking gaming console is extremely gratifying and a testament to the efficiency, flexibility and dependability of Sonic's technology. Game consoles represent a fresh market and platform where we can introduce a new audience of potentially millions to the quality of our brand and the power of our digital media applications."

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