Dark Water Studios Formed

| 26 Jan 2007 15:50

Dark Water Studios, a new Irish developer, announces its formation.

New development company Dark Water Studios, based in northern Ireland, opened its doors today. Founder Mike Brown, with twenty years of experience in the game industry, is accompanied by technology manager Paul Houbart, previously employed at US Gold, Microprose and Acclaim, and lead animator Rory Fellowes. Dark Water currently employs ten staff members and expects to add 15 more throughout 2007. Partially funded by Ireland's Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment, Dark Water's first project is an unnamed PC title, with next-generation console games in the works.

Brown stated: "Starting, as we have done, with what was effectively a 'blank piece of paper' has allowed us to build a thoroughly modern, 21st century game development organization which is perfectly placed to take advantage of new production tools, methodologies and working practices. Our aim is to bring together the cream of available game-creation talent; by drawing from Northern Ireland's existing talent pool, by using the quality of life offered by this unique location to attract the cream of overseas talent and by making good use of the opportunities for outsourcing and remote working which modern technology allows.

"Our unique location - and the economies of scale which it offers - allows us to provide all of the benefits of off-shore development, without the complications which arise when business is conducted across borders. I'm confident that Dark Water is looking at a very bright future."

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