Four New '80s Virtual Console Titles

| 2 Feb 2007 12:30

This week, Nintendo adds four classic '80s titles to their Wii Virtual Console lineup.

In a themed addition to the 42 titles already available through the Wii Shop channel, the four games being added to the list are from both the NES and the SEGA Mega Drive.

The flagship addition is Gradius, a Konami side-scrolling shooter originally released for the NES. Three titles are available from the SEGA: Bonanza Brothers, a two-player romp as incompetent burglars; Comix Zone, an action title where players advance through a comic-book-like landscape; and Gain Ground, where the player can fight through over 50 levels as one of 12 characters.

The NES game will be available for 500 points, and the SEGA titles are 800 each. The Virtual Console is one of Nintendo's more popular offerings, with a total of 1.5 million downloads since launch.

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