Sony U.K. Sales Head Resigns

| 13 Feb 2007 14:46

SCE UK's head of sales leaves the company mere weeks before the launch of the Playstation 3.

Kevin Jowett, the Commercial Director of SCE UK, has departed the company five weeks before the Playstation 3's launch. MCV reports that Jowett left to pursue interests outside the games industry. Jowett took over as sales director for Doug Goodwin in 1998. Since then, he has worked to build relationships with retailers and increase shelf space for the Playstation systems.

MCV was able to collect quotes from anonymous executives and investors on England's High Street who were shocked by the timing of Jowett's departure.

"The timing is absolutely incredible."

"Kevin is going just as Sony is talking to everyone about terms and arranging pre-orders and in-store marketing campaigns."

"Obviously, Sony is a big organisation and there will be people there who can fill Kevin's position. But this can't be helpful to them."

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