Crave Announces Crayola Deal, Dave Mirra on Consoles

| 16 Mar 2007 10:02

Crave Entertainment working on Crayola title and bringing Dave Mirra back to consoles.

Crave Entertainment and Crayola are cooperating on a new Nintendo DS title in which players will draw and color their way through quests and mini-games with the DS stylus.

Mark Burke, Senior Vice President at Crave, said, "Crayola crayons are an integral part of American childhood. We're honored to be partnering with a company that has been synonymous with childhood creativity for more than a century to bring a classic piece of American culture to an entirely new medium."

Two years after acquiring the rights to the Dave Mirra franchise, Dave Mirra BMX Challenge has been announced for the Wii. In the series' first console title since 2002, BMX Challenge will feature Wii-specific motion controls and game modes.

Jim Flaharty of Crave said, "Dave Mirra BMX Challenge will be the first BMX game for Wii. The immersive Wii controls combined with the thrill of BMX racing will make Dave Mirra BMX Challenge a real treat for action sports fans."

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