DS Headset Coming to U.S., Alongside Pokemon

| 20 Mar 2007 10:08

Nintendo dates the DS headset in the same window as Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

Nintendo has announced that a Nintendo DS headset will be released "roughly alongside" the DS titles Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Although Nintendo did not confirm a release date or price, online retailer GameStop lists the headset for $14.99 with a shipping date of April 23, one day after the release of the Pokemon DS games.

Diamond and Pearl, which ship April 22 for the Nintendo DS, will be using the headset to support the games' VOIP functionality. Trainers who have entered each other's friend code into their game can talk before, during and after battling. Nintendo of America Senior Vice President George Harrison commented of Pokemon's use of wireless gameplay and voice chat. "The amazing wireless and voice chat features of Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl offer gamers something completely new. We make games for everybody, and these Pokemon titles are sure to be a hit with new and returning players."

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