Bungie Writer Steps Up for Fifth Halo Novel

| 11 May 2007 10:00

Bungie writer Joseph Staten set to produce a fifth Halo novel.

Joseph Staten, a writer for Bungie's Halo series, has been selected to write Halo: Contact Harvest, the fifth Halo novel. Set for release this fall, Contact Harvest follows the story of humanity's first contact with the Covenant and the life of a young UNSC Staff Sergeant named Avery Johnson. Staten confirmed that the Spartans won't appear in the book, but some major characters from the games will make cameo appearances.

When asked about continuing a series started by Eric Nylund and William Dietz, Staten replied, "Given that this is my first book, I'm pretty nervous about anyone reading it. The world where it actually turns out to be an OK read and lots of people pick it up? That scares the -blam!- out of me."

Staten discussed the expansion of the Halo universe through new games, movies and books. "As long as we don't outstrip our ability to manage the process - to make smart choices about the projects we pursue - I think any expansion is terrific. Inviting outside writers and artists into the Halo universe has forced us to put our canonical house in order (so we can offer good direction). And from a personal motivation point-of-view, knowing Peter Jackson, for example, is going to read one of my story treatments definitely lights an improving fire under my prose."

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