ECA T-Shirt Contest

| 11 Jun 2007 15:45

As part of a new advertising campaign, the Entertainment Consumers Association is asking gamers to produce original T-shirt ideas.

The Entertainment Consumers Association's new T-shirt design contest might just be up the artistic alley for a gamer with a knack for drawing. These new shirts will be printed as part of the ECA's new print and online advertisements that feature the line "If the Government has its way you won't be able to play half the games in this magazine/website." The premiere entry will be sold online and worn by the ECA staff. The only requirement for entry is that the design feature the ECA's name and logo.

The contest rules read:

    1. You can enter as many designs as you like.

    2. Your artwork can be placed anywhere on the T-shirt except for the seams, oh and creative use of placement is encouraged.

    3. Jurying will be done anonymously and designs will be selected on the basis of merit and feasibility.

    4. All finalists will receive a copy of the T-shirt design, and the winning designer will also receive a gift certificate for $100 to GameStop and a prize package valued at at least another hundred dollars. ECA lead man Hal Halpin is also expected to wear the shirt at E3.

    5. The competition is open to U.S. residents only and is void where prohibited by law.

    6. You can not infringe on anyone's copyright with your design, and by entering the competition, you agree that your work is your own.

    7. By entering the competition, you agree to give ECA exclusive rights to publish your work on our website and/or use your design on our T-shirt. You furthermore agree not to misuse our logo, nor use it for any other purpose without our permission.

    8. The ECA logo can be downloaded here:

    9. Creativity counts. The more compelling the better. Don't just slap our logo on a white T and call it a day. Show us what you've got! These shirts are part of our marketing and represent our cause.

    10. Don't sweat about matching the logo color.

Entries must be submitted by June 22 and online voting begins June 29, so the fashion mavens of the industry should send their entries to [email protected] (JPG or GIF formats, no larger than 500 by 500, include name, mailing address, phone number and description of concept) as soon as possible.

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