Details Disclosed on Transformers Videogame

| 18 Jun 2007 16:46

Players will be able to choose from a cast of nine characters from both sides of the epic struggle sketched in cartoons - and etched in children's minds - during the 1980s.

Shacknews has disclosed some basic gameplay and storyline details for the interactive corollary to the upcoming Michael Bay film Transformers.

The core feature of the game - slated for release on all three "next-gen" consoles and the PlayStation 2 - is that both the Decepticons and Autobots will be accessible, with separate storylines, and several playable characters.

Playing the Autobot campaign will bring the player through the movie's story thread, whereas the Decepticon campaign features an alternate what-if storyline.

The game, under development by Traveller's Tales, will benefit from access to sound and character models featured in Bay's movie.

"We were really fortunate to be able to work with Michael Bay and his team, we had a great working relationship with them," the game's Executive Producer told Shacknews. "We were able to get the actual ILM models from them. It was one of these things where it took a lot of trust for them to say, 'Hey sure, here, just use our models, take them, no problem.'"

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