Hellgate Hands On Preview

| 6 Jul 2007 14:44

Flagship Studios' action-heavy roleplaying game, Hellgate: London, was previewed by Gamespot in advance of E3.

The gaming site reports that the development team, comprising key people behind the Diablo titles, clearly shows its influences:

"In many ways, Hellgate borrows and builds on many of the gameplay conventions found in Diablo, like killing hundreds of monsters, collecting tons of loot and becoming more powerful the further you get in the game."

Against the backdrop of a dilapidated London, the main character is chosen from one of six classes and various subclasses.

The previewer tried out the Hunter class, which reportedly plays much like a first-person shooter, though the hit chance is calculated by statistics, not hand precision.

One Hunter subclass, the Engineer, can employ mechanical friends to help mow down numerous foes. They can also be customized and enhanced, or perform helpful maneuvers, such as "drawing a bright red beam onto enemies that are hiding behind cover or that are outside of your peripheral vision, so they act as extra pairs of eyes."

The preview also briefly mentions some of the less orthodox settings the game will present as background for quests, including an opponent's mind.

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