Jostens Bringing Championship Rings to Madden NFL 08

| 17 Jul 2007 12:14

Jostens, creator of high-school and Super Bowl Championship rings, will be offering real-world rings to players of Electronic Arts' Madden NFL 2008.

In conjunction with Electronic Arts, the company will be offering a custom-designed "Ring of a Champion" for sale to gamers who have progressed to certain levels in the game. Ring designs will be based on the player's Madden Gamer Level, and according to the press release, "can be customized to recognize the player advancements throughout the game."

"We wanted our gamers to have something tangible to recognize their achievements within Madden NFL 08 and we kept coming back to Super Bowl Rings," said Madden NFL 08 Lead Producer David Ortiz. "We wanted to remain authentic to the real Super Bowl ring, therefore we forged a great partnership with Jostens to allow our gamers to proudly display their NFL 08 skills."

The rings will become available for purchase once a player reaches level three in the game, via a code given by the game that must be entered at the Jostens website. 32 NFL logos can be incorporated into the ring, the tops and sides are customizable, and players who "execute an extraordinary achievement" can obtain Epic ring status, allowing for enhanced design and uniqueness.

The Madden NFL 08 rings will range in price from $149 for non-precious metal to $495 for a 10K gold ring. Simulated stones will be included in the ring designs along with cubic zirconium, and an option to include genuine diamonds will also be available. The rings will go on sale beginning August 14.

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