BioShock Music Freely Distributed Online

| 27 Aug 2007 16:02

BioShock's musical score gets served to listeners, free of charge.

2K Games has released the original BioShock soundtrack for free on the Cult of Rapture website. Film, television and videogame composer Garry Schyman combines early twentieth century writing and late romantic styles to capture the game's futuristic feel.

The official site announcement reads:
"Composer Garry Schyman created the orchestral masterpiece that serenades you through your journey into the heart of Rapture. Today, we are releasing the 12 tracks that create the eerie string compilation in Rapture so that you can take the world of BioShock wherever you go. We have archived these 12 mp3s into a zip file for you for easy download. Grab it and take a listen -- and remember the first moment setting eyes upon the sunken city, your first battle with a Splicer, when you first battled a Big Daddy, or the time you decided to save (perhaps harvest?) a Little Sister."

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