$400 PS3s Still Use 90nm CPU, But Run On Less Power

| 6 Nov 2007 10:10

The cheapest version of the PS3 retains the 90 nm CPU die but still consumes less power and produces less noise than its heftier variants.

The initial reports of a 65 nm PS3 out in the wild have been proving incorrect, though the newest iteration of the console does consume less power than its predecessors. originally reported the newly released $400 PS3s featured a 65 nm processor die, but Heise Online says it was informed by Sony that the same 90 nm production process was still being used.

Nonetheless, the cheaper PS3 uses about 60 watts less power, clocking in at 120-140 watt power consumption vs. 180-200 watts. Of more significance to users, as a result, the fan noise has been reduced by about 30 percent.

The 40 GB PS3 withholds some features for its lower price tag, including PS2 compatibility, half its USB ports, flash memory slots and super audio CD playback. It launched in North America on November 2.

Source: Shacknews

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