Free Halo 3 Promotion for Original Xbox Owners and Live Subscribers

| 19 Nov 2007 10:25

A Microsoft promotion that sounded too good to be true was just that, but there's still a deal to be had for some owners of the original Xbox.

People who own the original Xbox and maintain an Xbox Live account can grab Halo 3 for free if they buy an Xbox 360 and transfer their online subscription to the "Gold" membership level.

The promotion was announced by Microsoft over the weekend, but with a bit of a glitch.

Initially, the website said anyone buying a new Xbox 360 between November 21 and December 21 could get a copy of its best-selling game for free. That promotion was taken offline, and the revised offer was posted several hours later.

There are two other catches with the revised offer: Buyers must be located in North America, and they will receive their free game only by mail around January 18.


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