MMOGs Coming to PS3: Sony Online Entertainment

| 12 May 2008 13:41

The head of Sony Online Entertainment predicts the PlayStation 3 will be a key engine for MMOGs.

In an interview with The Seattle Times, John Smedley said, "I think MMOs are going to be a real strong selling point for the PS3 long term - there's going to be some great ones on the PS3."

SOE has earned a notorious reputation among gamers for its work with a number of franchises, above all Star Wars Galaxies.

More recently the company developed Pirates of the Burning Sea, which Smedley said was "doing OK. I would say that it's kind of for an audience that's really excited about pirates. It's probably not as big as EverQuest 1 or EverQuest 2 but it's actually doing terrific.

In general, he said, MMOGs were "getting more mainstream" and, while about 85 percent male now, would even out to equality down the line.

Source: Seattle Times, Ars Technica

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