Postal Pushes Away Viewers at Free Event

| 3 Jun 2008 15:48

More than three-quarters of the 200 people who attended the free showing of Postal at Hoboken, New Jersey's Pier A Park left before the film's end credits.

Many were quickly offended by the movie's themes and tones, particularly a scene depicting 9/11 as a misunderstanding between the plane's passengers and hijackers seeking a trip to the Bahamas.

"I did not like Uwe Boll's perception of 9/11," explained audience member Mat Levy. "It's too soon to mock a plane going into the World Trade Center. Do you not think there are families out there that had their loved ones killed on 9/11? It really upsets me that he couldn't care less."

Hoboken Mayor David Roberts refused to attend due to this same scene.

Uwe Boll doled out his typical defiant remarks.

"Being politically correct, let's say, the big studios are kind of overdoing it," he stated. "I feel it is time now to make a really wild movie, something over the top."

He asserted, "We don't spare any group. We don't want to hurt anybody but we want to break the rules. We want to make people think: What is a taboo? We want to make people start thinking about their own boundaries and rules."

Source: New via Wired

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