Nvidia: PC Exclusives Are Dead

| 10 Jun 2008 14:27

PC-exclusive titles are gone forever because of the popularity of consoles, according to an Nvidia official.

"I think we have to face the facts - the value of consoles is such that no-one is going to make a PC-exclusive game in the future," said Roy Taylor, Nvidia's vice president of content business development.

"Why would they? Why would they ignore consoles?" he asked rhetorically.

Taylor said the majority of PC gamers also own a console, which he described as the new "baseline" for development.

He predicted that there would be "co-existence" between the platforms, with console games getting ported to the PC and seeing improvements from the transition. He pointed to Assasin's Creed and Gears of War as examples of games seeing PC-specific improvements.

"That's an exciting future, and that's why I don't see anything threatening about consoles at all," Taylor said.

Nvidia dominates the discrete graphics card market on PCs, but many developers have jumped ship or decided to prioritize development for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 first.


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