New Ideas For The Halo Franchise?

| 25 Jun 2008 15:12

The Master Chief's saga may be over, but that doesn't mean Microsoft is about to walk away from its most lucrative cash-cow since DOS.

A Kotaku tipster sent in a heads-up about a new marketing survey floating around with questions designed to probe gamer interest about potential future projects based on the Halo IP. Respondents were asked to rate numerous ideas on a five-point scale, ranging from "definitely would buy" to "definitely would not buy," and while many of the ideas, such as a Halo prequel, sound not only plausible but appealing to fans of the series, a few others definitely do not.

A third-person Halo action-adventure game, for instance, might be of interest to die-hard fans of the series but likely wouldn't have the universal appeal of the original FPS titles. Going a bit farther down that road is a "Halo arcade game," which is vague enough to mean just about anything but would almost certainly translate into crap. A suggested Halo-based MMOG is probably a bad idea that we'll end up being slapped with at some point in the future anyway, but still infinitely more sensible than Halo Racing or a Halo LEGO game.

The most inexplicable entry on the list, however, is "a more family friendly Halo game," which not only defies description but also the very fabric of reality.

None of these concepts are in the works, of course, at least not as far as Microsoft is willing to admit. It's more akin to a list of what the company is thinking about considering for the future of the franchise. Unfortunately, we won't be able to express our opinions, or cold-sweating fears, about any of these ideas; while Kotaku describes the excerpted questions as coming from a company "very interested in Xbox 360 gaming," no links to the survey itself are available. Still, if you're the sort of person who's not happy unless you're worrying about something completely beyond your control that probably won't happen anyway, feel free to check out all the horrible ways Microsoft is planning to destroy the Halo franchise here.

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