Studios Not Signed for Sony's Movie Service

| 30 Jun 2008 09:24

Major movie studios have yet to sign on to Sony's movie download service for the PlayStation 3.

Announced by Sony Computer Entertainment President Kaz Hirai late last week, the PlayStation movie service set for this summer may not have a large enough library to keep potential viewers happy.

Variety reporter Ben Fritz claims that "while Sony may feel confident video downloads will be ready to go this summer, it doesn't exactly have a big library lined up. Sources at numerous major studios confirmed to me that while they have all talked to Sony, none have yet made a deal."

The only major studio signed to the project is, unsurprisingly, Sony Pictures. To Sony's credit, Microsoft launched its online download service with only Warner Bros. and Paramount supporting it and soon added the majority of major Hollywood production companies.

Sony is studying other possible movie-to-gaming technology tie-ins, such as transferring downloaded flicks to memory sticks to be played on the PSP or copying a Blu-Ray movie onto the PS3 hard drive.

Source: The Cut Scene

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