Guitar Hero: On Tour Top Activision DS Launch

| 6 Jul 2008 04:04

The DS release of Activision's musical sensation Guitar Hero has moved 300,000 units in its first week.

It's possible that the Nintendo crowd are fans of Smash Mouth's "All Star" or Activision's active marketing campaign complete with commercials featuring teenagers frolicking in parks while rocking to Jet. However Activision sold Guitar Hero: On Tour, it managed to sell in numbers eight times larger than any other game the publisher has pushed on the handheld platform. The first-week figures were fifth of any game in Activision's history on any console, an impressive feat for a portable title.

President and Chief Executive Officer at Activision Publishing Mike Griffith gushed, "The game's breakthrough peripheral brings the Guitar Hero experience to the 41 million DS users in North America and Europe, where they can play anywhere, anytime."

Guitar Hero: On Tour comes bundled with a peripheral hand grip and guitar pick, raising the price for the portable unit to a pricey $49.99.

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