He Is Murloc!

| 9 Jul 2008 14:52

You may not be Murloc but you can at least be seen in public with one starting this fall when a new talking plushie based on the famous World of Warcraft fishman goes on sale.

The ugly-but-cute little dolls will burble and gurgle in the odd, waterlogged tongue of the Murloc, although beyond that, U.K. retailer hasn't said anything about the toys that isn't a direct lift from the World of Warcraft Wiki. Still, this is the kind of thing that makes serious WoW fans drool, and fans of generic "gaming stuff" would doubtless enjoy a little bit of fuzzy amphibian malevolence sitting on their desks, too.

That kind of fish-eyed, murderous cootchie-coo won't come cheap, though: The wee beastie costs €34.99 for purchasers outside the U.K., which translates into about 55 bucks for American audiences. But if that doesn't put you off, or if you just love a WoW fan that damn much, you can put yourself down for a pre-order right here.

via: Wired

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