E3 2008

E3 2008: Animal Crossing Has Something to Say

| 15 Jul 2008 16:35

We knew that Animal Crossing would eventually find its way to the Wii, but we didn't know it would be bringing a new gadget, the Wii Speak microphone, along with it.

Animal Crossing: City Folk keeps the familiar characters, look, and activities of Animal Crossing, but expands the world past your tiny town's borders to include a bustling city. You can visit old friends like Gracie the fashion designer in her shop, or just take a stroll through the streets. You can even don a mask to make you look like your Mii.

You can also invite several of your friends to come visit and hang out with you, which is where the Wii Speak mic comes in. Using the microphone, everyone will be able to talk to everyone at once, without drowning each others' voices out (or so it seemed from the brief video we saw, anyway).

Looks like a fun way to hang out with your fellow Animal Crossing-loving friends, and the screams of horror as you destroy your pal's carefully tended garden should come through loud and clear over Wii Speak.

Animal Crossing: City Folk is due out later this year.

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