The Gamer's Heart Plays Wii Tennis For Africa

| 23 Jul 2008 12:43

The Gamer's Heart, a new internet-based charity organization, is getting ready to launch Serving, Smashing, Saving Lives, a Wii Tennis marathon to raise money for children in Africa.

Quoting figures from Unicef Canada that show how millions of child deaths in African nations are preventable through "basic, cost-effective measures," the Serving, Smashing, Saving Lives website claims that $25 can provide immunization against the six leading child-killing diseases on the African continent. To encourage donations, The Gamer's Heart is embarking upon "complete lunacy for charity" in the form of a non-stop Wii Tennis endurance contest.

"We will play Wii Sports: Tennis, nonstop, bordering the extremes of boredom, lunacy and insomnia to help raise money for children in Africa," the Gamer's Heart website says. "The game will never be paused, the ball will always be bouncing, our wrists will probably snap off, and we may get heart attacks from sleep deprivation. But in the end, it's all for a good cause!"

Donations to the cause will be processed by and sent directly to Unicef for use in aiding at-risk children in Africa. The festivities begin at 12 p.m. MST on July 25, and will include live streaming video of the players in action. To learn more or make a donation, check out

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