Bungie Working On Three Distinct Projects, No PAX Announcement

| 25 Jul 2008 12:04

Good news and bad news for Bungie fans: The developer has confirmed it has "three distinct projects" on the go, but says it has no plans for any big announcements at this year's PAX.

The Penny Arcade Expo is just over a month away, bringing with it hopes for big news from Bungie, whose planned reveal of a new Halo title at E3 was short-circuited by Microsoft. Many members of the Bungie team will be present, and new multiplayer content for Halo 3 is planned for the show, but a blog post on said, "For the record, we have no plans to make any big announcements or huge reveals at PAX this year."

"While we will have some Halo 3 multiplayer stuff for you to check out, this is not going to be the 'big announcement' many of our fans have been clamoring for," the post continued. "Rest assured that when the time is right, we will be making announcements and talking about the stuff we're currently working on. At the moment we do have three distinct projects underway within Bungie - some familiar, some not. Some on a closer horizon, some quite far off."

The planned Bungie FanFest, mentioned by the company a few weeks ago, has also been postponed. "Our plans and some dependencies leading up to this party have not materialized as expected so we've been forced to delay things for now," the blog post said. Emphasizing that the change is not a cancellation, it continued, "I can say that the grand return of the Bungie FanFest will happen when the time is right and it will be glorious. I guess if there's any upside to this, it's that we now have even more loot to distribute at the actual booth."

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