Developers Upgrade Retail Release For The Witcher Enhanced Edition

| 28 Jul 2008 14:33

Fans of The Witcher are being asked their opinion of a plan to release an retail upgrade of The Witcher Enhanced Edition, a new version of the game that will feature numerous improvements and additions to the game.

The developer first revealed plans for the Enhanced Edition in February, saying the new release was intended to address "all the major criticisms leveled at the original release." The updated version of the game will be released as a new, stand-alone product, while gamers who purchased the original edition will be given access to the new material via a free download.

Now, however, CD Projekt Red is considering the release of an "upgrade" version of the game, letting players enjoy the new content without having to deal with a massive download and also giving them the "non-digital" material that will be included in the retail box, including an updated "making of" DVD, a soundtrack CD, map of the world and more.

"We remember the promise we made, so of course, anyone who has registered a copy of the game will be able to download a free update to turn the standard version of The Witcher into the Enhanced Edition," the company said in a message posted on The Witcher website. "Because of the many technical improvements and additional content (audio files of all language versions, new adventures, D'jinni editor, etc.), we realize that this will likely be a rather large file to download. That's why we've come up with the idea to meet our players' needs halfway and prepare something special for people who don't want to download it from the internet."

The company is looking at a suggested retail price of around $25 for "western markets," although details have not yet been finalized as the team is still collecting feedback from players. Fans of the game are invited to vote in a poll and join in a discussion on the forums regarding the possible release here.

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