Early Look At New Wolfenstein

| 1 Aug 2008 14:58

Shacknews has an early look at the upcoming new Wolfenstein title, describing it rather succinctly as "another Raven first person shooter."

The new game will once again feature American super-soldier B.J. Blazkowicz squaring off against Hitler's goons, both conventional and supernatural, in an attempt to prevent them from seizing some kind of mystical superweapon that will enable them to crush the Allied armies and conquer the world. This time around, they're after the Black Sun, an energy source that exists in the other-dimensional world called "the Veil."

The Veil, a "green-hued, energy-filled realm" that exists unseen alongside our own, gives Blazkowicz unique powers in combat, including the near-ubiquitous time-bending ability that slows combat to a virtual crawl. Along with Nazis, the Veil is also populated by bee-like creatures, and Raven said other alien creatures will show up as the game progresses. In the more conventional world outside the Veil, the game is described as "typical Wolfenstein fare," although enemy A.I. is now smart enough to make use of cover, and some environmental features will be destructible thanks to the Havok-powered physics engine.

The game, in development at Raven Software for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, has not yet been given a release target. Shacknews' full preview of the new Wolfenstein title can be read here.

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