Talkman Travel Turns PSP Into Pocket Tour Guide

| 13 Aug 2008 16:01

Gamers traveling to Rome, Paris or Tokyo are invited to check out the Talkman Travel, a new pocket travel guide for the PSP that includes common phrases, photos and even a few pickup lines.

Talkman Travel features around 150 preselected phrases designed to help tourists survive their vacations, such as "Where is the tourist information desk?" and "Where is the restroom?" The sentences are organized in categories for dining, sightseeing and shopping, and to help avoid the awkwardness and potential danger that can arise as a result of accidentally mangling a key pronunciation, the PSP will also speak the words for you at the push of a button.

Photos and detailed descriptions of various points of interest in each of the three cities are also included, handy for a few hours of unplanned sightseeing, and if you happen to see a stranger across a crowded room during your travels you'll be able to seize the opportunity thanks to the built-in pick-up lines, which range from the innocuous "May I sit next to you?" to the more complex, "Our eyes keep meeting. I can't speak your language, but I had to come over to talk to you." Three mini-games are also included, which Sony says can be used in conjunction with the pick-up lines to exponentially increase your chance to score. (Okay, I made up that last bit.)

While only three cities are currently available, Tsubasa Inaba of Sony Computer Entertainment America suggested other cities could be added depending on "how things go with the first three." For gamers who take their PSP with them when they travel (and you all do), Talkman Travel would be a great addition for trips to Tokyo, Paris or Rome. Talkman Travel is available over the PlayStation Network for $5.99 per city.

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